• Helps & Assists the Hotel Manager with all day tasks

• Takes charge of the Hotel (for own shift) when the Hotel Manager is not around (including Morning Stand-Ups)

• Present at the Lobby for any sort of Guest query and assistance (including Check-In & Check-Out, when the Hotel Manager is unavailable).

• Handles all guest complaints including managing guests having problems.

• Escorts Guests to their respective assigned rooms + luggage

• Takes the initiative to create suitable (and relevant) Guest interactions

• Takes the initiative (including proactively where required) to take care of guest requests

• In the Morning shift takes care of Breakfast orders (Cooking)

• Responsible for the Delivery (and clearance, later) of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner to the Guest rooms

• In the Night shift – checks for Linen Exchange and inventory of Linen (Records being maintained)

• In the Night shift – takes round of the Hotel periphery; also, takes round of the guest floors for preventive security measures

• In the absence of GSA/or at busy periods – is also responsible for bed making and regular Housekeeping cleaning and dusting (in the rooms and public areas)

• Check all the arrival ready rooms before guest arrival.

• Maintains the Inventory of the various stocks

• Orders the stocks for future requirement considering occupancy

Updated: July 5, 2018 — 3:02 pm